Personal interests

What I enjoy so much that I create time to do them.


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Flying is a passion. For the first time in human history, we are able to fly for pleasure. Yes, it is expensive. Yet we almost owe it to our ancestors (whose cravings to soar were denied) to fulfill their ambitions.

I am licensed as a Private Pilot (a pilot who can fly for personal, non-financial purposes) in the United States and Japan. Like most pilots, I started training in landplanes (airplanes that take off and land on land). Later I learned to fly floatplanes (airplanes that take off and land on water).

I have briefly flown (but am not licensed for) gliders, helicopters, and gyroplanes.

The picture above is me as a dock hand tending a floatplane in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Like most pilots, I fantasize about building my own aircraft. My friend is building a 4-seater amphibian airplane. My dream ride might be a side-by-side 2-seater gyroplane with an enclosed cockpit.


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Amateur radio is one of my more affordable hobbies.

I have an Extra Class license in the United States (callsign N6UOK), a Second Class license in Japan (callsign JM8AGU), and a HAREC class license in Belgium (callsign ON6UOK).

The Belgian license exam is given in Dutch or French. I took the test in Dutch to improve my reading skills. My Belgian friends were not impressed (they have high standards for language proficiency) but did congratulate me for my effort.

I belong to W6YX (the Stanford amateur radio club) and JK1ZYP (the Murui amateur radio club).

Noriko (KD7SYK) and I often visit ON4OSA (the Antwerp O.S.A. amateur radio club) and ON7LR - OT5A (the Fort Lier multi-multi contest club).

Most of my recent involvement has focused on understanding and building electronic kits such as the one pictured above.


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Sado or chado, the way of tea, has influenced my thinking and behavior. I was trained in the urasenke school tradition. I have received hikitugi, which allows me to teach at the introductory level.

The picture above shows Noriko and me at the rinkaian chashitsu (the seaside tea villa) in Santa Cruz, California.

I was also trained in kado or ikebana, the way of flora, in the koryu school. I am not licensed however.


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I hate exercise. I lack coordination and motor skills. I'm uncompetitive. But I do enjoy the outdoors in my own way.

I run. My goal is completing a half-marathon. Right now, I comfortably run 12 km.

I swim at the pleasant Lincoln City community center.

Noriko and I like to step outside the office.

On land, we ride a tandem bicycle. I ride in front because I'm much bigger and she's a trusting soul.

On water, we enjoy tandem kayaking. I paddle in the back seat, and she enjoys the view.

Under water, we like tropical skin diving. We are certified scuba divers.

Our favorite winter activity is snow-shoeing. The picture above shows Noriko trudging along Hokudai's poplar lane.