2013 fall courses

2013-07-28 SAPPORO, JAPAN -- In 2013 fall semester, I teach 2 kinds of classes. All classes meet on Wednesdays. Wed1 (the class in Wednesday 1st period) asks students to give brief presentations in front of class about a spot on Hokudai campus. Wed[234] (the classes in Wednesday 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods) have identical content, and practice phrases for international travel.

Classes start on 2013-10-02, and meet every week (except during winter break) until 2014-01-22. We have a Halloween party on 2013-10-30, and a Christmas party on 2013-12-18.

To register for my classes, you must enter and win the course lottery. The lottery is open from 2013-07-24 to 2013-07-30.

dissertation defense

2013-04-12 SAPPORO, HOKKAIDO -- I am pleased to announce that my graduate student Noriaki Katagiri will defend his PhD dissertation titled "Enabling English Classroom Discourse by Non-native Instructors" on 2013-04-23 Tuesday starting at 13:00 in room IMC-105. Room IMC-105 is across the hall from IMC-110 (see map).

Your attendance would be most appreciated. Refreshments will be served.

Presiding at Katagiri Noriaki's defense will be his dissertation committee, consisting of the following members:

(a) Dr Kenji Araki, Professor of Natural Language Processing, Hokkaido University,
(b) Dr Yoshiki Yokoyama, Professor of English Language Teaching, Hokkaido University of Education, Sapporo, and
(c) Dr Goh Kawai, Associate Professor of Education Technology, Hokkaido University.

Abstracts in English and Japanese languages of Noriaki Katagiri's dissertation are attached below (PDF file, approximately 500 kilobytes). To obtain a full draft of his dissertation (PDF file, approximately 5 megabytes), kindly contact me.