Grad (classes, jobs)

noriaki katagiri, phd

2013-06-28 SAPPORO, JAPAN -- Noriaki Katagiri, my graduate student, received his PhD at a commencement ceremony presided by the dean of the graduate school of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University. We are proud of his accomplishment.
Download his dissertation. 130628_noriaki_katagiri_dissertation


spoken language corpora class starts

The first class will meet met on 2012-04-10 tue1 (Tuesday 1st period) in room ITE-SE (情報教育館3階サーバ編集室).
The second class and all subsequent classes meet in room S316 (CALL staff room B).
Bring your laptop. We have WiFi (801.11g). I will tell you its SSID and password when you come.

winter break

Winter break starts on 2010-12-25 and ends on 2010-01-04. Regarding my undergraduate and graduate classes, the last class day before winter break is 2010-12-24, and the first class day after winter break is 2011-01-07. My grad class on 2011-01-05 will be delivered as an online lecture, not as an in-person class.

Have a great, safe, winter vacation.

accessing glexa

Contact me if you need an account or password for glexa. You may do your assignments at school (in the CALL rooms, IT rooms, or library) or at home. You need a microphone to do your spoken assignments. Our CALL rooms have microphones. The IT rooms and library do not (and you need to be quiet anyway).

visitors welcome

Visitors are welcome at any time. My students, teaching assistants, conversation partners, guest talkers, and I are eager to have you join us. You may drop in unannounced to observe or to participate under my direction. Should you wish to co-teach, prior coordination would be appreciated.

Past visitors have included: family members of students (parents, siblings), students (high school, college), teachers (middle school, high school, college), professionals (software engineers, journalists).

grad course "spoken language processing" will meet in ITE-SE tue1

The first class will meet on 2010-04-13 tue1 (Tuesday 1st period) in room ITE-SE (情報教育館3階サーバ編集室). Bring your laptop.

We have WiFi (801.11g). I will tell you its SSID and password when you come.