Graduate courses for credit offered in 2013.

2013 spring semester

Spoken Language Corpora

In this one-semester hands-on course, students acquire the technical skills for using computers to analyze spoken language.

Much of the work for this course is done individually outside of class (e.g., installing software, interviewing people, collecting speech, analyzing waveforms). Classroom time is for presenting students' assignments. Assignments are structured incrementally, and require substantial hands-on effort. We will use the freely available, excellent software package praat.

Students shall present their work, and critique that of their classmates. Intense class participation is mandatory. There will be no written exam or term paper.

Prerequisites: Students must have taken at least undergraduate courses in linguistics (especially phonetics and phonology), statistics (descriptive statistics at the minimum; predictive statistics preferred), and experiment design.


2013 fall semester

Topics in Language Acquisition

Loosely connected lectures are offered by 8 instructors over 15 class sessions.

In the 13th class session on 2013-01-08, I will talk about phonetics and phonology.

After taking my lecture, students will be able to: describe the theories and analytical methods of articulatory phonetics, acoustic phonetics, and auditory phonetics.

The lecture, slides, and reading assignments will be in English. The in-class discussions, writing assignment and/or quiz may be in either English or Japanese depending on the student's preference.